Amazon Content & SEO

Focus on what your target audience REALLY wants

When talking about Amazon content, we are referring to information about your product, which helps the buyer understand your product and offer, persuading him to hit the “Buy”-button.

A little extra focus on providing visually appealing, interesting and understandable content about your brand, company or product goes a long way to creating the perfect customer journey. Research at Amazon shows that product pages with visual content are more effective for consumers. They also tend to gain more prominent positions in the search results. As a seller or vendor, it would be a shame to let this opportunity go to waste.

Content Research & Monitoring

Shopfabrique uses several AI-software tools to monitor and manage your product pages. This enables us to respond in real time on changes in content- or buy box percentages.

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Content for your product page

Typically, the consumer expects to find the following information on each product page:


The title of your product is crucial. The consumer needs to understand what kind of product you are offering in a split second. Also, you want a well-crafted title which shows up at the top of the search results.


Products listed on Amazon can be accompanied by several images. These images must comply to the standards set by Amazon. Visuals must be focussed on the product and provide a clear and truthful representation of the product. We also recommend adding a visual showing the measurements of your product.

Bullet Points

Following the title, your consumer will be presented with the bullet points. These summarize your product. The bullet points tell the buyer everything they need to know in order to make the right choice: buying your product and not one the competition offers.

Product Description

You can add a product description at the bottom of the page. This is where you can elaborate on the product and your brand. Provide the consumer with a wealth of information so that they can compare your offer with other products. This is also a good place to add keywords, helping your product rank higher in the Amazon search results.

Amazon offers a free or Premium A+ content tool. This is an important bonus, enabling you to use tables and videos to share even more about your product and brand.

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Protect your brand

It’s not just the consumer for whom it is important to have the right content on Amazon. It’s also vital to protect your brand. Resellers can decide to sell your products on Amazon. If they don’t use professional visuals or text, this might damage your brand image. That, in turn, will lead to sub-optimal marketing results.

Avoid this annoyance and register your brand with Amazon. That way, you –the brand owner- decides which content is leading for your products, which images can and cannot be used and which bullet points are presented to the consumer.


Once you have registered your brand, Amazon will invite you to open up your brandstore. This is a free tool which is part of your Amazon seller account with a huge reach. You can address a large group of (potential) costumers, introduce them to your brand and show them the unique features of your product. No vendor or seller could do without a good brandstore on Amazon.

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Eager to find out what we can do for you? We’d love to help you, just the way you want us to.

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Product reviews

Reviews have a huge impact on the decisions consumers make. A large number of case studies show the influence reviews have on conversion rates. A whopping 670f buyers reports that reviews play a role in their decision making process. 43% of buyers state they are more inclined to buy at a webshop with product reviews.

There are several ways to gain product reviews on Amazon. Furthermore, there’s a number of techniques you can use to ensure that negative reviews do not damage your seller rating (approval) on Amazon.

Working side by side with you, we will determine at what points we will measure your product reviews. At fixed moments, we will evaluate your reviews and come up with lasting improvements to your offerings. We will look for solutions which grow with your brand, and evolve with your target audience.