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Helping you integrate your webshop, web application and ERP

We’ve spent the last 15 years being quite busy planning, designing and developing different branded webshops. A webshop usually contains several applications which you can use to offer your products through different sales channels.

Consider, for instance, a webshop which is both B2C as B2B. It may have specific features for different clients. Or you might have a centralized CMS-system, managing several webshops.

In order to achieve success, your webshop depends on so much more than ‘just’ the right products. We not only guarantee a perfect design and development of your webshop, but also support you to develop –and improve- your strategy!

Design, UI/UX and front-end development

Before we start with the design of your webshop or website, we use the analysis phase to develop the user experience. This UI/UX is a prototype, a visualization of all features of your app.

Responsive, optimized for all devices

Next, we will translate the design into something which not only works, but also looks amazing on all devices, be it desktop, tablet, or mobile device. Content should be supported on every screen, while design is adapted to the device completely automatically.

API-development and –integrations

We will move your business software from your outdated system to the cloud, or we will integrate hardware and software systems into a seamless and user friendly interface.

Web applications

Would you like to add a webshop or a product configurator to your website? Or do you aim to digitize data processing and business processes? Using different technology and a wide range of potential platforms, we can help you efficiently, no matter what it is you need.

Mobiele applications

Custom mobile app-design is what we do. We have a lot of experience building apps for both iOS and Android. Thanks to our expertise and the best tools available we are not limited to one specific technology. Flexibility and versatility comes natural to us.

Some of our development cases

Case study

Max Molly Urban Pets

The comprehensive website of max-molly.com is the company's flagship. "It plays such an important role in getting us branded and has been crucial in expanding our global sales," says Michael.

Max Molly Urban Pets

Aanbouw Expert




TIC Construct


A webshop with a strategy

A real webshop is not a stand-alone application. It is a combination of relevant content, specific features and possibly integrations with your financial package, your ERP or CRM-system. We design webshops in open-source applications such as WooCommerce or OpenCart.

But we can just as easily develop a custom made, all-in webshop which lets you manage your stock and your client and product information.

The webshop we develop will match your branding and has the necessary integrations with software used in your company. When needed, we will build the applications to ensure a seamless data exchange between your business and partners or suppliers. Our years of experience with API ensures we can integrate your systems faster – and a lot cheaper.

Shopify Webshop

Shopify is the largest e-commerce platform available. As a seller, you can use countless designs and shopify apps, helping you get started without huge investments in development.

We have been working with SaaS-platforms for years. As Shopify Partner we know all the possibilities the platform has to design a webshop which matches your brand perfectly.

Validate your idea?

Share your vision with us. We would love to help you find out how to get there.

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Would you like to launch your product or service? Do you want to add a product configurator to your website, or automate business processes? Our many years of experience guarantee we can target your specific needs and help you efficiently.

We are experts at developing custom web applications of all types. Whether it is a project management tool you need, an e-commerce app for B2C and B2B, a CRM- or an ERP-system, you name it…we’ve built it. And if we haven’t yet: we are ready for a challenge!

At Shopfabrique we ensure that you are fully in control of your platform. The underwater code is written in such a way that you can use your application at any given time. You save time and gain efficiency every single day.

Validate your idea?

Share your vision with us. We would love to help you find out how to get there.

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Mobile application

Expectations of mobile apps are high these days. Clients have come to expect quality. A sleek design, but also an app which works quick and efficient. The content must always be relevant, and clients must be helped without ado.

We develop custom mobile apps for iOS and Android, but also for Smart-TV. As we use hybrid-app technology, we are not limited to any specific type of smart-device.